Board of Directors

Ken Kistner
Ken KistnerChairman
CBT College
Joe Gallaher
Joe GallaherImmediate Past Chair
NAI Commercial Real Estate
Claudia A. Cancio
Claudia A. CancioFormer Chair Woman
Senior Vice President, First National Bank of South Miami
Mindy Herris
Mindy HerrisIncoming Chair Person
Peter Jude
Peter JudeSecretary
Kendall Regional Medical Center

Board Members At-Large

  • Karyn Cunningham
    United Teachers of Dade

  • Jorge Fernandez-Pla
    KW Comercial

  • Stephen Foster
    Foster Financial Services, Inc.

  • Zac Hall
    Minute Man Press

  • Jacky Donate
    Baptist Health

  • Alex Schreer
  • Michael Schwartz
    Muller Lebensburger & Schwartz

  • Mariano Martinez
    US Century Bank

  • Karen Nercess
    All Star Event Photography

  • JoAnn Parns

  • Allison Polk

  • Dailen Rodriguez
    The Falls

Become a Board Member

A Board of Directors manages the business, property, and affairs of Chamber South. The Board is responsible for establishing policy, budgets, and the guidance of affairs of Chamber South. If you are interested in becoming a Chamber South Board Member, fill out the following form.



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Any additional information or comments may be submitted with this form. You may also include a resume or biographical sketch.

To Learn more on how we work, please read our Chamber of Commerce ByLaws.

Board of Directors Preamble and Commitment Statement

The governing board of Chamber South is charged with both stewardship and leadership responsibilities. Board service deserves discussion. Generally speaking, the governing board of an organization meets to recognize and establish the vision of the organization and to direct the operating personnel of that organization towards that vision. Most often the procedure is for the governing board to meet with an agenda concerning the goals and objectives of the organization, and methods of achieving those goals and objectives. After the specific goals are defined, and the methods are defined, the execution of those dictates fall to the operating personnel of the organization. Frequently, the Board of Directors of a not-for-profit organization is tasked with additional duties. The reason for this is because frequently staff is small, and the assistance of board members in the operation of the organization is both desired and required. Although this is a break from normal management, with a board simply governs and monitors, it is not unusual, and if properly managed is very workable.

Chamber South operates with a managing Board of directors, some of which have responsibility for ongoing duties and tasks pertaining to the operation of the chamber. Although this tends to blur the lines occasionally, a good open working relationship, with good communications between operations and the board make a successful chamber possible.

A word needs to be said concerning honorary board. Many organizations have honorary board members, the members of which serve primarily to enhance the reputation of the organization, rather than to provide guidance. In these cases, honorary boards, the names are simply in addition to the masthead to help establish prestige. The board of Chamber South is not an honorary board. The board of Chamber South is a working board, members are responsible for stewardship as well as management, in the operation of   the chamber.

Therefore, service on Chamber South board is a special obligation, and should be considered a special honor. Board members are expected to contribute time and talent and occasionally money towards the successful operation of Chamber South.

Board members of the chamber have a special ethical obligation and considerations, as well as the need to pay careful attention to conflict of interest issues. In the chamber environment, conflicts of interest will occur. It is only natural, as a chamber is made up of business people and professionals, and the chamber’s need for services includes those of business people and professionals. In any given situation where there’s a conflict between personal interest and chamber interests’ one thing the suggested and another is mandatory. It is suggested that you put chamber interest ahead of personal interests in business situations and it is mandatory that you recues yourself from any vote or a conflict may, either in reality or perception, exist. It goes without saying that ethical and honest business and personal relationships are required of all board members.

That being said, appointment to the board of chamber South carries with it a commitment to leadership. The following guidelines are strongly recommended, to assist you in the activities commensurate with that leadership.

Attend board meetings as outlined in the Chamber South bylaws, as able.

Promote the Chamber South’s mission, goals, and objectives.

Be a goodwill ambassador for the chamber and the Board of Directors at all chamber meetings and events that you attend.

Participate as an active member in as many major chamber events as you can, including goals conferences, golf tournament,   Compass Gala, South Miami Art Festival and holiday parties.

Participate in a standing committee or task force.

‘Give or get’ at least $2000 per year towards chambers budget. This may be by contribution, by bringing in new members, and by your own registration for chamber events.

Board members participate in the annual 10% discount payment plan.

Please know that the chamber recognizes, by your agreement to serve on the Board of Directors, your leadership qualities and your special commitment to Chamber South. Your service is greatly appreciated, and if it any time the staff of Chamber South can be of assistance with the duties and obligations of board service, they should be called upon.

Basically, remember that service on the board of Chamber South is an active participation. The assistance of all board members is required for the successful operation of the chamber. Efficient, successful operation of the chamber requires that each board member share in the leadership responsibilities and direction for the vision of the chamber. You have been carefully selected; your service is greatly appreciated. If at any time you feel that you cannot continue to provide the leadership expected, the appropriate action would be resignation from the board. Each board member is valuable, recognizing that some will contribute more than others.