Become a Trustee


Is your company ready to be recognized as a corporate leader, one that is connected with the community around it? Then your business is the kind that makes up Chamber South’s Council of Trustees. The Council of Trustees are leaders in our community who recognize that their business’ success and failure is tied to the area around them. In taking a leadership position, the Council of Trustees are insuring their future success by reinvesting in the local business community through Chamber South.


If you ask a Trustee member why they voluntarily contribute more than is required, they’ll tell you that they believe in the important programs of Chamber South. They understand that the prominence of their organization makes it appropriate for them to assume the role of a substantial participant and contributor to the Chamber’s operation. Companies like this refuse to let the burden of improving the business climate and our local quality of life fall on others.


Companies with 10 or more employees are entitled to 6 representatives when they become Trustee members at an investment of $2,000.00. Smaller companies with less than 10 employees are entitled to 4 representatives when they become Trustee members at an investment of $1,000.00.

Website Listing
Our website features the Trustee member company with 1,600-character description of the organization as well as a company listing with a link to the member company website.

Wall of Fame
A special tile with the Trustee company’s name will be mounted in the Chamber office. With dozens of Chamber and community meetings each month, the Wall of Fame will be an impressive display of companies who are real players in this community. Shouldn’t your company be one of them?

Newsletter Exposure
Every month, our newsletter, Compass Points, profiles one Trustee member. Read by more than 1,500 members, Compass Points is a respected business publication that will represent your company well.

Three exclusive programmed lunches and cocktail receptions will be scheduled throughout the year so that when Chamber South is contacted by elected officials and asked to bring together the area’s important business leaders, we will call upon the Trustees. People involved in key issues want to hear from our trustees because they have clout and they are the kind of involved corporate citizens that make a difference. Can your company afford to miss a meeting like that?

Chamber Bucks Program
All Trustee members will receive a set amount of chamber dollars the first year of their membership. These dollars can be used towards the payment of chamber events such as lunches, breakfasts, the Compass Gala, and more. With an investment of $2,000, the trustee member will receive $200 in chamber dollars and with an investment of $1,000, the trustee member will receive $100 in chamber dollars.

Membership Mailing Labels
Membership mailing labels are available for your business mailings.  Each year, the first set of labels is complimentary, and the second set is 25% off. *We do not sell or share electronic member lists.


To see the Chamber’s Trustees, just click on Trustee Members. For a membership application, click on Become a Member.

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