Old Cutler Road Charrette


The Old Cutler Road Charrette Report contains detailed instrustions that if followed, will reduce traffic congestion and allow development while restoring the historic ambiance of the road. Through the project corridor, the roadway serves commuters destined for points north as well as the retail core of the community.

The roadway was designated as historic by the State in 1974 and limits widening beyong it’s two-lane current condition. The proposals in this effort are focused on rebalancing the roadway toward all its users: motorists, pedestrians, transit users, and bicyclists.

Traffic volumes on Old Cutler Road currently number 12,000 to 16,000 vehicles per day (VPD) north of SW 184th Street, while the volumes to the south approach 22,000 VPD.

Approved development proposals in the area southeast of Old Cutler Road will add approximately 3,000 new homes within the area and will result in additional traffic volumes. As new neighborhoods are built, opportunities to provide alternate access should be maximized. Such potential connections include SW 212th Street, SW 97th Avenue, SW 92nd Avenue, SW 224th Street, Franjo Road, and SW 85th Avenue.

The extensive concentration of commercial uses within the study area ins unique along Old Cutler Road and also marks the end of the historic corridor. The master plan proposes to announce the culmination of the road with a unique statement that is within the road’s historic parameters. A pair of roundabouts, at SW 87th Avenue and 97th Avenue will serve this function as gateways into the historic corridor.

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