In the summer of 2001 Chamber South with Miami-Dade County and Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council organized a Design Charrette in the unincorporated area of Naranja to coincide with the proposed future bus stop and community urban center along the Metro Busway System.

The main ideas were developed during a Design Charrette held from August 3rd through August 10th, 2001. The Charrette was held at the Naranja Neighborhood Center and was well attended by over 60 residents, property and business owners representing a good cross section of the community. During the week, the design team set up its studio at the Neighborhood Center, where the doors remained open to the public all day. A presentation of work in progress was held on Friday, August 10th. Residents, property and business owners as well as Chamber South and County staff and elected officials were present. Work continued in the weeks that followed the initial public workshop.

The citizens, with the assistance of a professional team, studied the many challanges faced by the community and proposed specific solutions. A series of final presentations by Council Staff will be held between the months of November 2001 and January 2002. It will be a time to take into account further citizen and professional input.

During the process of creating this report, many local participants expressed the need for immmediate action. They wanted to raise their communities’ ambition to a higher level. The residents of Naranja wanted to evlove from being a “bedroom community” and a “low-income housing conglomerate”, to an authentic Village, where people can live, work, shop and relax within a reasonable walking distance. A Village that attracts residents of all economic levels, as well as a strong job base for people with all levels of skills and education. A Village that restores the vitality that was present in the area in the decades prior to hurricane Andrew (1992).

This Master Plan is the tool for a historic, if County officials, Citizen Councils and the citizens work together as a united group. Coherent ideas for the future development of the area have emerged from working together on this project. These are attainable visions, not just pretty pictures. This Master Plan will serve as business plan to guide the future growth and development of Naranja. A plan worth fighting for and defending. A plan that will last and help the residents get the things they need to build a better place.

The physical place that could grow during the next generation would be a national model of inspiration.

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