Become a New Chamber South Member

“What do I get out of it?”
If you’re a savvy businessperson, that’s the question you should be asking.

We hope so, because if that’s how you are making your decision about membership in Chamber
South, we know that you’ll like the answers this package provides.

Chamber South was formed by local businesspeople to help local businesses. You may be
surprised to see how many different ways this is being done. Some of the benefits are direct, such
as networking and discounts on products that your business needs. Still, other benefits are
indirect, such as governmental affairs efforts that serve as an advocate for your business, allowing
you to succeed.

Whether you have time to become an active, regular participant or if you never leave your place of
work, you can find real, bottom line value in your Chamber membership.

As a member, you can consider Chamber South to be your business partner — Because our only interest is your success!

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