Code of Business Ethics

Compliance with Government Rules & Regulations

  • We will properly maintain all records and post all licenses and certificates in prominent places easily seen by our employees and customers.
  • In dealing with government agencies and employees, we will conduct business in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.
  • We will report contract irregularities and other improper or unlawful business practices to the Ethics Commission, the Office of Inspector General or appropriate law enforcement authorities.

Recruitment, Selection & Compensation of Vendors and Suppliers

  • We will avoid conflicts of interest and disclose such conflicts when identified.
  • Gifts which compromise the integrity of a business transaction are unacceptable; we will not kick back any portion of a contract payment to employees of the other contracting party or accept such a kickback.

Business Accounting

  • All our financial transactions will be properly and fairly recorded in appropriate books of account and there will be no “off the books” transactions or secret accounts.

Promotion and Sales of Products and Services

  • Our product will comply with all applicable safety and quality standards.
  • We will promote and advertise our business and its products or services in a manner, which is not misleading and does not disparage our competitors.

Doing Business with the Government

  • We will conduct business with government agencies and employees in a manner, which avoids even the appearance of impropriety. Efforts to curry political favoritism are unacceptable.
  • Our bids will be competitive, appropriate to bid documents, and arrived at independently.
  • Any challenges to contracts awarded will have a substantive basis and not be pursued merely because we are the unsuccessful bidder.
  • We will, to the best of our ability, perform government contracts awarded at the prices and under the terms provided for in the contracts. We will not submit inflated invoices for goods provided or services performed under such contracts, and claims will be made only for work actually performed.
  • We will abide by all contracting and subcontracting regulations.
  • We will not, directly or indirectly, offer to give a bribe or otherwise channel kickbacks from contracts awarded, to government officials, their family members or business associates.
  • We will not seek or expect preferential treatment on bids based on our participation in political campaigns.

Public Life and Political Campaigns

  • We encourage all employees to participate in community life, public service and the political process.
  • We encourage all employees to recruit, support and elect ethical and qualified public officials and engage them in dialogue and debate about business and community issues.
  • Our contributions to political parties, committees or individuals will only be made in accordance with applicable law and will comply with all requirements for public disclosure. All contributions made on behalf of the business must be reported to senior company managements.
  • We will not contribute to the campaigns of persons who are convicted felons or those who do not sign the Fair Campaign Practices Ordinance.
  • We will not knowingly disseminate false campaign information or support those who do.